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LUXERE Exfoliating Sage & Orange Lip Balm
USD $12.00

Sage & orange life gentle lip scrub (THIS one is a life saver!)

Anti fungal
Anti bacterial
Anti inflammatory
Anti aging


Luxere Tonic
Shea butter
Carnauba wax
Ground white sage
Sage & Orange essential oil (& other essential oils)

*The LUXERE BODY SERIES uses a special blend of oils and a innovative infusion process to create a powerful herbal remedy that is designed to revitalize and moisturize. LUXERE redefines personal care. Nourish your body from the outside, in!

Fun Facts:
❧ The name "LUXERE" was created by combining the prefix "LUX-" which means "light" or "enlighten" and the suffix "-ERE" which indicates the action of doing the first part of the word. So, trust our LUXERE products to bring luster and shine to your hair and body. The name says it all, but the products speak for themselves!

Crafted with Love.
The Holistic Personal Care Division of PHRE

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